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Musik ist Ausdruck unseres menschlichen Seins

und Spiegel unserer Seele,

gefüllt mit Kraft unbegrenzter Phantasie,

 unerschöpflichem Streben nach Schönheit

und unermesslicher Freiheit.

Sie dient als Verbindung zwischen der inneren und äusseren Welt,

und hat einen großen Einfluss auf beide Seiten.

Musik ist Mathematik und Poesie,

Geist und Seele vereint.


Adomas Rekasius


This is a truly beautiful recording. I love the way Adomas creates deep heartfelt moods with his wonderful compositions and improvisations. Also its truly a trio cd, it sounds like a BAND, the bass and drums work very well to support the piano at all times, I felt the music deeply ,and it touched my heart. One important consideration I always have when listening to new music is, DO I BELIEVE THE EMOTION BEHIND THE PLAYING?? IS IT SINCERE AND AUTHENTIC ? Well im happy to say for this cd the answer is YES !!

There are many beautiful quiet intimate musical moments that you will love. bass and drums add much to the tonal landscape and Stephen has some great ompositions of his own here.

All in all I would recommend this recording without reservation, its not just another jazz piano trio cd, but a very thoughtful and beautiful collection of music for piano bass and drums. ENJOY !!

RICHIE BEIRACH, October 2022

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